12 Aug 2009

The True Meaning of Cretin

Hello all,

Before you read this post I'd like you to have a quick skim read of this:


Now prior to the following series of words, sentences and paragraphs that make up this post I would like to make it very clear that people can believe what they like. I'll react and I'll think that you're wrong. I may discuss with you the clear illogicality of your belief but that doesn't mean I'll think less of you as a person, just as I hope you won't think less of me for disagreeing with you.

If however, you string together a barely plausible series of random thoughts to put forward your crypto-fascist-religious nonsense then you have CROSSED THE FUCKING LINE...

If you follow the link and read the article you'll see what I mean. I would like to oppose some of the ideas put forward in the article. This will be the last open letter for a while, I promise.

Dear Mr David J Stewart,

I recently read your article entitled 'Goth Music will Destroy Your Child!' and I was instantly concerned. So concerned in fact, I haven't stopped laughing.

I'd like to draw your attention to a couple of the points you made and how I think you may have been in error.

Firstly, using a dictionary definition as a way of attacking a group of people is a little dangerous when you are a Christian. For example:

cre·tin (krēt'n)

1. A person afflicted with cretinism.

2. Slang An idiot.

crétin, from French dialectal, deformed and mentally retarded person found in certain Alpine valleys, from Vulgar Latin*christiānus, Christian, human being, poor fellow, from LatinChrīstiānus, Christian; see Christian.]
cre'tin·oid' (-oid') adj., cre'tin·ous (-
əs) adj.

The word cretin comes from the root of Christian. You'll no doubt say 'well that was years ago' or perhaps even 'can you base the comparison on its vulgar Latin origins when historically Christians were persecuted in Rome?' Both valid points, although those who weren't Roman were considered barbarians. Hence our word 'vandals' connoting someone who is uncouth. I'm not sure that the word 'goth' is used in this sense anymore as its meaning has been subsumed by the reference to popular culture.

Sorry David but it gets worse.

'"Goth" is just a word the media uses to group a certain type of people together. The Goth culture includes Emos/ punks/ Wiccan witches/ self-abusers/ thrashers/ grungers/ heavy metallers, et cetera.'

Now wait a minute. You started your argument by telling me the significance of the dictionary definition. Now you're saying it's 'just a word the media uses'. Which is it David, my poor secular brain can't cope. Also, emos and thrashers? Really? Have you been to rock gig? Clearly not because then the scary 'Satan music' would crawl into your head and kick your illogic-campus to death, making you see fucking sense.

Now on to the assertion that 'Goth causes teenage girls to become whores'. Wow! Really? You must have some pretty compelling evidence to back up this statement...oh, your evidence is 'Goth is of the devil'. Well, I'm not saying that I'm an academic but I'm fairly sure that wouldn't hold up in, say, a thesis. Or an essay. Written by four a year old. Sheep.

'Goth is a mental illness (Er...no it isn't. Bipolar disorder. That's a mental illness) mainly affecting teenagers in the same way as schizophrenia would, although to a greater extent. Its symptoms range from isolation and negativity to aggression and hate for humanity...' Parenthesis and emphasis mine.

So, you're saying teenagers feel isolated and negative? Some groundbreaking insight here. I suppose you'll be saying that they suffer from depression, violent outbursts, have low self-esteem and/or self-loathing.

'... depression, violent outbursts, low self esteem, self-loathing...'

Right. Have you ever spoken to a teenager David? No? Didn't think so.

You then go on to list a number of times when a Goth has been connected to some kind of horrific crime. I'd like to do the same but invert the focus:

1) 1098, Fall of Antioch: 100,000 Muslims massacred by Christian crusaders.

2) 1099, Fall of Jerusalem: 70,000 Muslims massacred by Christian crusaders.

3) Richard the Lionhearted executes 3,000 Muslim POWs

4) October 23, 1998: Dr. Barnett Slepian was shot to death at his home in Amherst, New York by James Kopp. Kopp was convicted of Dr. Slepian's murder after finally being apprehended in France in 2001. Kopp was a Catholic anti-abortion activist.

5) An estimated 40,000 to 100,000 people are executed on the pretence of being witches. By goths. Oh no, sorry...according to list Wiccan Witches are goths. Must have been by christians.

I could go on but I don't feel I need to.

The next argument you put forward is pseudo-scientific. You suggest that Retallack's research showed that plants exposed to rock music died. That's a lie. A barefaced and unsupported lie. Retallack played an F note continiously to one set of plants and intermittently to another. There was a control group that was in silence. No rock music. No 'religious' music. Just an F note. Anyway, your quote 'If rock music attacks and kills plants, what does it do to people?' makes little sense. If you force feed someone fertalizer they don't grow big and strong do they David? No David, they die don't they David.

You are correct in suggesting that gothic music is focused around negativity and the darker side of life. Although that is a little rich coming from a group of people who worship the death of someone who then rose again. There's a word for that David. They're called zombies.

You also lament the way in which television (or as you amusingly call it Devilvision...hahaha) is degrading people's moral compass. I'd like to agree with you as I hate television but you make it difficult when you suggest that Opera is 'demonic New Age (sic) indoctrination'. Unlike, The Bible which is strictly old skool. I mean like her or not she isn't demonic. Simon Cowell, now he's demonic.

I could go on but I grow weary David. You know how it is - so many sins, not enough time. I do have one, final request. Please don't write anymore of these articles. They make you look like a tit. And I think worse. They make all Christians seem like gibbering arseholes which, as we both know, is clearly not the case. In fact these actively prevent you from recruting people to the church. They'll be too busy running in the other direction screaming 'I ain't joining those nutters'.

Love to all,

Duke Fandango


  1. hey seriously, though you made some clear points here, i really think music do affect the teens and sadly most of these dark goth music are sexually provocative and kinda "evil" (immoral) in a strict Christian concept.

    i dont know why, but emos are really scary...

    maybe it's just a matter of perspective and beliefs (upbringing)...

  2. Emos aren't scary. All you have to do is say they look fat and they burst into tears.

    I think there are other pressures in society that have more of an impact on our young (exam pressure, increased sexulisation of children, body image as a god head) than a song about killing a goat.

  3. GOD (er... Duke) I completely love this post! I love your passion and intelligence, it's enough to make a girl wet her panties! ;)

    Your words are thoughtful and researched, unlike David who seems to have dug very deep to find the bullshit he pulled from his ass.

    There are so many ways we could group different people in todays society. Is it really intelligent to be making such huge, harsh generalizations such as this of Goths? Really, it is pop culture for a reason. They are young, they are developing, and they want to believe in something that helps them feel unique. Let the damn kids wear black lipstick if it makes them feel better about who they are. Just because something doesn't fit who you are doesn't make it demonic or satan-esc.

    I'd hate to see the rock David crawled out from under... it has got to be a sad existence believing everything about today's society is wrong and a sea of brain-storming manipulation to the 'evil' side.

    Beautiful dear!

  4. you DO know that if someone starts wearing black all the time and listens to 'goth' music, it means they're possessed by the devil, right?