7 Jan 2010

Bit of snow...chance to moan.

Gotta love being British. The first bit of decent snow for almost 30 years and after the first .03 nanoseconds we're blaming everyone from the government to simple teaching folk like me. Here are some examples from the BBC website's 'Have Your Say' section in which people with the cranial capacity of a duck are (for reasons unknown) allowed to communicate with the general public rather than being locked away in cave with enough air for two days:

I am completely amused at the way people find any excuse to "work from home" but we really know most of them are at the pub or sleeping in! Have a thought for those who have made the effort to keep this country running! We deserve some recognition!

Jessica Doran, London

Well fucking done there Jessica. You made the choice to go to work, no doubt risking life and limb to 'keep this country running'. Whilst other people spent the day having a lie-in or going to the pub. I rather think, Jessica, that they are completely amused by you and your determination to slog away at an employer that doesn't give two shits about you or your idea of self-inflated worth whilst they casually (and in good company) down pint after pint of ale.

...I am in Florida and, although colder than normal, it still reaches 50 F in the day and it is sunny. Mainly I am laughing at the ridiculous notion of global warming. Wake up people, the massive environmental movement is being perpetuated by those that want to control you through taxes and legislation.

David, Tampa, FL USA

How the hell does that help us? Why are you posting? David you fucking twat, we can't all be in Florida with your smug 'I'm-alright-Jack' attitude. Unless you want 60 million of us turning up at Orlando airport without employment. Also, a week of snow doesn't mean global warming doesn't exist. It means cold weather. The government doesn't need to control me through tax and legislation based on carbon emissions. Terrorism does that just fine.

Warrington council have made no attempts at all to move the snow off any roads in my area. My council tax bill has risen by over 100% in 9 years - what do we pay this money for.

Dave S, Appleton

You pay council tax for Police, Fire, Refuse Collection, Education, Hospitals, Ambulance Services, Roads, Public transport, Adult and Children (Social) Services, Housing and the infrastructure to make sure it all works you bell end. Not just so your roads are clear the one time a year we have some snow.

Any teacher that fails to turn up for school should be sacked. You can get to school safely even if you have to walk and so can children. Teachers should be teaching a responsible attitude to children in their care. It's little wonder that children have no respect for anyone when the teachers have taught them that. In any business, the people that do turn in have to cover for those that don't usually at the expense of their own job. Your employer isn't responsible for the weather, get in to work

Hey Dude, north wales

Er...fuck you. I would actually quite like to be in school as I'm falling behind with vital work that I need to get done. Indeed I have GCSE coursework due which I need to mark. Fact is, my school is closed due to the massive amount of ice on site. I didn't make that call, my headteacher did. So I've spent the past two day doing prep and marking. Also whilst I play a huge part in how a child perceives the world you as a parent will have a much greater impact. So raise your own children. Prick.

I blame the Met Office for 'guessing'! the long range forecast. Their 'super' computers are a waste of money, it seems it's impossible to give a long range forecast. An amateur with basic equipment could do just as well. Also at fault are the climate change brigade convincing councils we won't ever get a cold winter again. Any normal person could guess that every 10 years or so we get a bad one. If councils stocked up a bit every year, they would have a HUGE STOCK PILE when it hits. Stupid!

Andy T, Devon, United Kingdom

You blame the Met Office? For snow? Were you dropped on your head as a child? Do you have a congenital mental illness? Are you, in short, a mong? Clearly yes. So despite the fact that the local authorities stocked up on much more salt and grit this winter but have been broadsided by the shear amount of cold weather we are experiencing you are blaming them. Also where the fuck are you planning to put this HUGE STOCK PILE? Well, one assumes if you remove your head from your own arse there will be plenty of room.

So basically Britain is full of retarded cunts who at the slightest sniff of any disruption to their monotonous and devout worship of the great god 'work' instantly go into an apoplectic fit.

There are some rays of light:

Who cares, its only snow, just get up, have fun, keep the schools closed and get on with it

Chris Ball, Bexleyheath

Couldn't agree with you more.


  1. You're great.... And please, do not let that many people show up to the Orlando airport. I suffer road rage bad enough as it is.

    p.s. For the record, I don't know anyone named David. Anyone, I say. Scout's honor.

  2. Haha, woah, ranty ranty! Did a rapscallion pelt you with a snowball earlier today? ;)

  3. He did but I got my own back. He won't be found until the snow melts...

  4. I love that the twat from North Wales won't even put their name to their completely ridiculous comment. It's obviously not possible to just "walk" -- especially if you normally take public transport. Even if you drive, I have friends who are teachers and drive for an hour to get to their schools, this would take something like 8 hours on foot, on a good day. What an idiot.

    It's good to know there are rational people like yourself, Duke, teaching children and helping to cancel out the mongs who are so voiciferous.

  5. Dear Her Belated Majesty, Queen Victoria,

    I blame you for the rampant blizzard that has virtually paralyzed our great nation. How can you just lie there, almost totally inert, while we Londoners, Lutoners and such scramble to and fro in the treacherous snow on the M-1 and the A339 from Barnstable in our woefully inept Opels, Ford Populars, and vintage Austin Maxis?

    You have done absolutely nothing to ameliorate the effects of this dangerous and wholly unseemly amount of snow that has covered our bowlers and our Saville Row, worsted wool suits. Why, I nearly had to unroll my umbrella this morning, that's how bad it got.

    And another thing-- where were you when London was bombed by the krauts, the jerries and the japs in the 40s? We could have used you then, you washed up has-been.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Nigel Braithwaite Basingstoke Pilkington Haddock, Chartered Accountant
    East Grinstead

    P.S. Loved that new film about you. You look hotter than I remember. First time I took my trousers off at the cinema since "The Mouse That Roared."

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed the commentary.