21 Feb 2010


I believe in Karma. No, really I do. I believe that a good person will have good things happen to them. Likewise a bad person will have horrible things happen to them.

But I'm at a loss to figure out what it is that I've done to piss Karma off so much.

Put simply, I've broken another finger playing rugby.

Some people make it through a good number of years of playing without any kind of break. I break two fingers three months apart.

At this rate my hands are going to be as effective as the Tiny Tim Long Jump team.

They will also look like the gnarled twistings of a Baobab tree as drawn my MC Escher after a heavy night on the mescalin.

At least I can do some kind of old school horror acting with my newly formed claw like mits. It'd be a laugh that. Living in a castle. Having a servant called Igor. Creeping up on virgins in the middle of the night...actually no, that'll get me fired and the Duchess will shout at me. Lots.

So I say 'fuck you' karma. I'd raise my fingers to you, but it hurts.


  1. To be fair, DF, who plays rugby anyway????

  2. MEN play rugby, that's who!
    Now you can sit back and enjoy watching it, which is my preferred sport. Super 14s now two games in, woohoo!

  3. I'm going to go with Kirsty on this one...

  4. I bent one of my fingers back while playing basketball once... hurt like buggery.

    Not played sports since.

  5. Karma works in funny ways, and I'm also a believer in you get what you need. Maybe you getting your finger broken will somehow impact your decisions or actions later. Can't say, I don't have the authority to know so. But as a little pick me up, fingers heal so eat your vegetables.

  6. YES! Rugby! Who do you think will win tomorrow? Ireland or Wales?

    (Answer 'Ireland!' in an enthusiastic manner or I'll snap another finger)