19 Dec 2009


Headlines are a bit boring at the mo.

Economy this, Expenses that, Jordan in between.

What I'd like to see are some slightly more esoteric headlines. Like these:

Short-sighted Pedophile Kicked to Death by Dwarf.

Osama bin-Laden to become America's Next Top Model.

Queen Attacks Sarcozy; Wins on points.

Jordan Promises To Stop Writing Books, Appearing on TV and Generally Being a Tit.

Apathy Sweeps the Nation; Nobody Cares.

Catholic Church Declares 'We Did It For The LOLZ'.

Thetans Discovered By Science; Tom Cruise Looks Smug.

Bear Baiting To Be Shown On T.V. Piers Morgan To Host.

Simon Cowell's Ego Collapses - Black Hole Formed.

I'm Feeling Poorly. Get Me Lemsip.

Nihilism New Religion And Th...

Brown Says Stuff - No One Gives a Monkeys.

Pope Says That The Whole Gay Thing Was An Error. Soz.

SOS To Be Replaced With OMFG!!!!!!!!!!11

God Makes Visit To Archbishop of Canterbury - He Looked Really Fucking Angry.

Feel free to add any others that spring to mind via the comment bit.

Christmassy post to come next time.

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  1. Midget Sues Grocer: Sites Belittling Remarks

    Real headline, believe it or not.