21 Aug 2009

Things I know Now I Didn't Know This Time Last Week...(TIKNIDKTTLW?)

Here is a list of things that I have learnt over the past seven days.

1) Henry Goddard is some kind of veg growing messiah for the Shepton Mallet area - I know not who he is but his leeks were enormous!
2) A show cow is judged on the texture of its udder. Some would describe it as 'lovely'.
3) The cross over section of scissors travel faster than the speed of light.
4) Drinking cider, beer and red wine is a surefire way of acquiring a hangover.
5) Champagne is actually an English invention (take that France!)
6) Tina Turner is much improved by cows (or as I like to call it 'The Mid-Somerset Show Remix' ['cus you're simply the best...moooooooooooooo/better than all the rest.....mooooooo]).
7) That England's bowlers are better than I had previously expected.
8) That wheel weights in cars make a lot of noise if they come loose.
9) My Grandpa once wallpapered my Grandma to the ceiling 'for a laugh'.

It has been an interesting week...


  1. I love number nine. I learned that frozen fish have actually fallen from the sky (gross). Anyways, If I like cats can I still read your blog? ;)

  2. Of course you can, just don't mention them too often...I'm allergic...

  3. Never pass up a genuine opportunity to stick it to a Frenchy I guess.

  4. I want to be married to a man like your grandfather.